"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

An introduction to NaviGate

The NaviGate system is an application framework for delivering a unified, web-based, map-based view of utility enterprise data to the people who need that information, anytime, anywhere. NaviGate acts as a portal to your existing systems, powerfully integrating and displaying data from customer information, outage management, mapping, work management, SCADA, and other internal systems. NaviGate will also use data from external sources such as "Call Before You Dig", utility vehicle locations, weather, lightning, and many others. And NaviGate is built to effectively provide the same capabilities in the office and in the field, using a robust modern mobile platform.

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Modules Description
Advanced Viewing

NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module

Maps of complex infrastructure such as electrical or water networks can be quite intricate, involving many overlapping and intersecting objects. The Core NaviGate system allows users to turn on and off entire layers to simplify maps, but that addresses only one dimension of the problem. The NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module can dramatically improve the readability of the maps for a particular purpose by filtering the data based on the data in the NaviGate database.

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Automatic Vehicle Location

NaviGate AVL Module

The NaviGate AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) Module provides for the display and management of wireless-connected GPS units in vehicles such as utility maintenance trucks, customer service vehicles, and emergency vehicles. NaviGate AVL displays the current and historical location of vehicles in the NaviGate software environment, and allows users to communicate with the vehicle wirelessly when two-way communication is supported by the AVL field unit.

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NaviGate Buffering Module

Buffering is the process of spatially identifying one set of objects that are near to another, such as parcels near a new shopping center or fire hydrants near a school. The NaviGate Buffering Module allows users to create, edit, and manage lists of buffered objects from within NaviGate. Lists of buffered objects can be used to generate mail-merged documents such as parcel owner notification letters.

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NaviGate Dispatch Module

The NaviGate Dispatch Module provides a flexible but simple interface for viewing and managing the workload of field personnel. The Module focuses on two lists: the list of field personnel currently available and the list of work orders for a single day. Both lists are managed together, and also viewed in a map user interface.

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Document Manager

NaviGate Document Manager Module

Construction and maintenance personnel need field access to current electronic drawings. Most utilities still satisfy this need by printing out "map books" and taking paper maps into the field. The NaviGate Document Manager Module is a NaviGate extension that maintains a complete and current set of engineering drawings and related documents on mobile laptop or tablet computers, utilizing the web-based NaviGate platform to distribute the files.

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Field Data Entry

NaviGate Field Data Entry Module

The standard NaviGate system provides a primarily read-only interface for viewing Enterprise data. The NaviGate Field Data Entry Module (FDE) extends and enhances NaviGate by providing a mechanism for updating transactional data (work orders, inspection orders, service requests, etc.) or facility attribute data (pole inspections, transformer inspections, valve surveys) in the field. The Field Data Entry Module uses the NaviGate Field Option or Desktop Mobile (see below) to display maps in the field (connected vs. disconnected mobile). FDE provides a Supervisor interface to allow suitably-authorized users to assign work orders or other tasks to field personnel using a graphical, spatial user interface. FDE also allows you to produce paper copies of your inspections or work orders, either in the office or in the field

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Field Option

NaviGate Field Option

The standard NaviGate system is designed around office use, and presumes a modestly fast Internet connection and large display screen. The NaviGate Field Option provides a new customized user interface optimized for use on generally slower wireless-connected mobile computing devices where the user interface is smaller and likely to be pen-based rather than mouse-based. The Field Option also provides extensive support for taking data into the field via wireless connections or utilizing a synchronize-and-go disconnected mode of operation.

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Desktop Mobile

NaviGate Desktop Mobile

NaviGate Desktop Mobile is a high performance disconnected mobile platform that will synchronize map data as well as transactional data via whatever connection is available (cellular, Wi-Fi, wired, etc.). Maps and data are always available even without connection or wireless coverage. When in coverage, the Desktop Mobile platform will automatically synchronize and update work orders and any necessary transactions including completed (inbound) work results and new (outbound) transactions. Additionally, any changes and updates to map and attribute data on field devices will be automatically synchronized at the same time to field devices, Thus, all mobile users will have the latest information available for completing work and making decisions.

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Outage Management

NaviGate Outage Management

NaviGate Outage Management Module provides users with the ability totrack and visualize outage and trouble calls and predict and determine extents of an outage. This includes subsequent dispatch, and monitoring of the restoration process. NaviGate OMS captures trouble and outage calls and displays those on a map. Using the current .as-operated. network model it can provide impacted customer lists, and help dispatchers determine the best restoration process for any specific outage.

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Operation Visualization

NaviGate Operations Visualization System

The NaviGate Operations Visualization System (OVS) shows utility operations information via a web-based and map-based user interface. Utilities can use OVS to display maps and reports on real-time operating activity such as trouble calls, maintenance work, construction activity, and so on.

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Point Feature Management

NaviGate Point Feature Management Module

The NaviGate Point Feature Management Module allows users to create, edit, and manage point data from within NaviGate.

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NaviGate Printing Module

The NaviGate Printing Module provides enhanced printing and plotting capability for NaviGate applications.

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NaviGate Trace Module

The NaviGate Trace Module is based on the concept of networks and connectivity. Within NaviGate, users can trace any network (pipes or wires) either upstream or downstream, highlight the traced network and generate lists of segments and components along the traced network. Connectivity information is typically maintained digitally in an organization.s GIS, OMS, or engineering analysis program(s). NaviGate can utilize any one of those sources to obtain the .network model. that contains the necessary connectivity data to make the Trace Module work. Once NaviGate has the network model and the Trace Module is available, users can select segments of a network and trace .upstream. or .downstream. to the source or customer, or stop at any specified device along the way. Once a trace has been performed, it will highlight on the map and all connected segments and devices will be listed in the output window. A variety of filtered reports are available from the output of the network trace.

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Underground Service Alert

NaviGate USA Module

The NaviGate USA (Underground Service Alert) Module provides interfaces to Call-Before-You-Dig call centers so that USA tickets can be displayed and managed in NaviGate, both in the office and in the field via a wireless connection.

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Vegetation Management

NaviGate Vegetation Management Module

The NaviGate Vegetation Management Module (VM) extends and enhances NaviGate by providing a mechanism for updating transactional field data related to vegetation management (trimming orders, inspections, etc.) by applying components of the NaviGgate Field Data Entry, Field Option and Mobile Desktop Modules. VM provides a Supervisor interface to allow suitably-authorized users to assign both inspection and trimming/chemical treatment orders electronically to mobile personnel (including contractors) using a graphical, spatial user interface. Field users receive, and complete work orders wirelessly within the data-rich NaviGate graphical interface. NaviGate VM will maintain vegetation history and condition from inspections (optionally including species). VM also allows you to produce paper copies of your inspections or work orders, either in the office or in the field.

NaviGate Brochure

You may also download the complete NaviGate Brochure.

Development Partners

Gatekeeper Systems is an ESRI Silver Business Partner. NaviGate Spatial Data Fusion will enhance the value of your investments in your Arc GIS and Esri-based systems. NaviGate provides utility operations personnel with a one-stop asset map-based portal that aggregates Esri GIS data with a broad array of operations and business information not contained in your Arc GIS system. This fusion of spatially oriented asset data from your ESRI GIS and other relevant spatial data with your critical business information creates an intuitive decision support solution that can be accessed by unlimited users. We work with ESRI to stay abreast of latest software advances so that our mutual customers will always benefit from optimally integrated solutions.


NaviGate Spatial Data Fusion is a data driven information oriented web tool for the utility industry. NaviGate relies heavily on Oracle Locator and Oracle Spatial as its core platform. Gatekeeper Systems is an Oracle Partner.

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