"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

Gatekeeper Systems Tour

At the core of our applications is a map browser system we call NaviGate. NaviGate is a software application framework that lets us quickly and easily build software solutions that precisely match end-user requirements. The framework contains all of the functions needed to effectively deliver facility, property and other spatial and non-spatial data in a web-based map viewer.

Take a Guided Tour of NaviGate!

We invite you to learn more about NaviGate by taking a guided tour. The tour provides a close-up look at the features that make NaviGate "best of class". To start on the NaviGate Tour, click on the green link above. Or, if you want to learn about a specific feature, click on one of the green links shown below.

Gatekeeper Systems also maintains full-function versions of our customers' applications on our web server. If you are interested in exploring these sites, please contact Gatekeeper Systems.

User Interface

Learn about the screen interface that NaviGate presents to users. Displays each of the major screen components and where they are located

Navigational Features

Demonstrates the power of NaviGate in allowing the user to go to virtually anywhere "on the map" by entering search criteria

Data Layers

Provides examples of the types of data that NaviGate users can access, display and analyze

Maps & GIS Features

Gives an overview of the map interface and controls, including layering selection and GIS features

Scanned Images

Shows how NaviGate can be used to display scanned images such as aerial photos and engineering drawings in the view window


Provides examples of the type of reports available in NaviGate, including both on-screen reports and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets you can download

Help System

Offers an overview of the extensive features built into the NaviGate help system, including a Wizard for new users

Security & User Management

Describes the user management aspects of NaviGate, which allow you to control access to individual users as well as user groups

Advanced Features

Learn about other features available in NaviGate, including "red-lining" of maps, high-resolution printing and right-of-way management

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The NaviGate Application Framework is a suite of web-based products designed to promote information integration, increase self service, eliminate paper work, and improve field service for utilities. NaviGate is an off-the-shelf product that can be configured to meet our customers' needs  for spatial viewing, outage visualization, field inspections, mobile work orders, automated vehicle location, dispatch and call-before-you-dig. 

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Have a look at the success of our leading customers, from large publicly-traded electric utilities to municipal water authorities.