"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

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The NaviGate user interface is delivered through Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser. The user interacts with a series of window panels that contain maps, reports, and control panels to manage the map and reporting environment. The NaviGate user interface is designed to be easy to use for users with a variety of skill levels and requires minimal training and skill to operate.

A sample NaviGate screen is shown below. The components shown include:

  • A control panel located in the upper left of the screen
  • An area to display data and reports in the lower left part of the screen
  • A large map area located to the right with navigation controls on a toolbar above



The Gatekeeper Spatial Platform (GSP) is the map component of the NaviGate user interface. GSP is based on a modern open standards platform and is not dependent on proprietary third-party components. Its client can access multiple sources of spatial data including web services, ArcSDE, ArcWeb, Shapefile, MGE, WMS, WFS, TMS, KML etc. (all OGC standards). Additionally, an advanced high-performance reporting engine provides enhanced, optimized use of Oracle and Oracle Spatial. The introduction of GSP has improved system administration capabilities and maximized performance from the user.s perspective while expanding integration options with modern geospatial data sources.

User Preferences

Individual users can set up bookmarks for how they want to use the NaviGate application. Users can define a home bookmark "view" that they get when they first connect to the system with a new web browser session. Bookmarks include specific layers that are turned on and include the "location" that is visible on the map.

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The NaviGate Application Framework is a suite of web-based products designed to promote information integration, increase self service, eliminate paper work, and improve field service for utilities. NaviGate is an off-the-shelf product that can be configured to meet our customers' needs  for spatial viewing, outage visualization, field inspections, mobile work orders, automated vehicle location, dispatch and call-before-you-dig. 

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Have a look at the success of our leading customers, from large publicly-traded electric utilities to municipal water authorities.