"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

NaviGate Tour Maps & GIS Features

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Gatekeeper Systems utilizes the AutoDesk MapGuide Viewer for displaying maps in the NaviGate Application Framework. We have found in a number of competitive tests that Autodesk MapGuide is the preeminent web-based mapping tool available today.

MapGuide comes with its own tool set, which has been incorporated into the the NaviGate tool bar located at the top of the map window. The standard MapGuide controls are shown below:


Copies the map to the clipboard. You can then paste it into other applications

Zoom In

Zooms in, by a factor of 2, centered around the location you pick. Alternatively, press and hold the mouse button while you drag the cursor to enclose a rectangular area. Release the mouse button to redraw the map zoomed in on the rectangular area

Zoom Selected

Zooms to the selected object on the map

Zoom Previous

Zooms to the previous location and map scale


Redraws the map so that the full extent of the map is displayed in the current window


Allows you to view areas that are currently off the edge of the map. Press and hold the mouse button. Drag the cursor in the direction that you want to move the map


Allows you to view reports available for selected objects on a map


Stops or interrupts the map display update process

NaviGate Tool Set

In addition to the MapGuide tools, NaviGate's own tool set includes the following:


Opens the Bookmark Manager


Opens the Online Help document and provides access to other support options
Resets the map to the user's starting map preferences location and layers
Layer Control
Opens the Layer Control Applet

Provides access to additional Modules, such as advanced features, such as AVL, Advanced Viewing, OVS, Document Manager


When the browser window is too small to display the entire toolbar, the More button appears to gives the user access to the missing tools

Navigation Map

Opens the Navigation Map Tool
Navigation Options

Opens the Navigation Applet


Opens the Preferences Configuration Tool

Zoom In 2x

Zooms in by a factor of two
Zoom In 10x

Zooms in by a factor of ten
Zoom Out 2x

Zooms out by a factor of two
Zoom Out 10x

Zooms out by a factor of ten

Pop-Up Menu

MapGuide also includes a pop-up menu, which provides access to some of the options on the tool bar plus other features. The pop-up menu is activated by clicking the right mouse button in the map window. Some of the additional features available in the pop-up menu include:

  • Copy to Clipboard copies the map window contents to the clipboard. Then, simply use the standard Windows paste function to paste the map into another application.
  • Zoom provides functionality beyond what is found on the tool bar, including: Zoom to a certain map window width; Zoom to a specific map scale.
  • Select options allow you to clear previously selected objects and to select by: Map object's name; Radius from a defined point; Polygon drawn around specific objects. (In addition, you can select objects without using this menu by simply clicking, shift-clicking to select multiple objects, or dragging a box, in the map window area with the pointer tool.)
  • View Distance measures distances between locations on the map.

Layer Control

NaviGate gives you direct control over which layers are displayed on the map.


To see all the layers available, click the layer control button in the toolbar (see previous toolbar description).

Next, select a layer group in the left panel, then click on the one or more layers from that group (in the right pane) that you wish to turn on or off. The map display will be automatically updated.


GIS Functions

NaviGate applications also include support for a number of important mapping and GIS functions. These are shown in the following table.

Function Description

Print a high quality color map at any desired scale or size, on your local PC printer. The printed map will be displayed at the resolution of the user's PC. Engineers and developers with access to high resolution printers will be able to produce very high quality maps

Radius Map

Produce a "Radius Map" (notification list) and associated detailed report, suitable for use in mail-merge to mail notification letters


Draw a buffer around any object on the map

Customized Maps

Users are able to customize the layers viewed and other objects displayed on the map. Any combination of map layers may be displayed simultaneously, under the user's control


Users can copy any map as an MS Windows object compatible with Microsoft Word and other Windows applications. Users can then change colors or otherwise edit the pasted map in their own document. Objects can be added, deleted, changed. Notes and annotation can be added

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