"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

NaviGate Tour Help System

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NaviGate applications are developed with a full set of Help screens, including online training and documentation. Links to support documents are available from the NaviGate toolbar. The dropdown arrow next to the Help button gives access to various support options. And, the Wizard tool walks new users through the application.


The Online Help document can be accessed by directly clicking on the Help button:


Typical support documents would include the following components:


Information about the specific NaviGate application, including its purpose and current version


The gateway to the full on-line Help system. See below for common elements in the Help System


Displays a list of symbols and colors used in the map themes and layers


The Wizard is a tool for novice users to access the system by a series of simple question-and-answer dialogs. See below for details


Provides links for contacting Gatekeeper Systems for technical support

Help System Elements

The common elements found in the full on-line help system in NaviGate applications include:

Using NaviGate Maps

Details requirement for using NaviGate, including instructions for downloading and installing the Autodesk MapGuide viewer

Getting Started

Tells users how to get started by showing how the browser window is used in NaviGate

Try a Simple Example

Provides a simple step-by-step example to learn the basics about using the application

Using the Map Control Panel

Explains how to use the Control Panel to select maps and use the quick search options

Using the Navigate Toolbar

Explains how to use the various tools, such as fine-tuning layer selection, creating bookmarks, and configuring user preferences

List of Map Layers

Lists the available map layers in the application

Technical Support

Information on contacting Gatekeeper Systems for technical support and to report problems

NaviGate Wizard

The Wizard is a Java applet that assists novice users in finding their way through the NaviGate application. In the Wizard, a user answers a series of questions about what they want to see (e.g., "a parcel map", "a water system map", "a floodzone map", how they want to navigate (e.g., "by address", "by parcel owner name", "by landmark name"), and what reports they want to produce on the objects that are found (e.g., "an assessor's report", "a water billing records report"). The Wizard then automatically displays the proper map for the user and produces a report on the selected object. Examples of the Wizard are available in the NaviGate demonstration systems Gatekeeper Systems makes available on the Web.

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The NaviGate Application Framework is a suite of web-based products designed to promote information integration, increase self service, eliminate paper work, and improve field service for utilities. NaviGate is an off-the-shelf product that can be configured to meet our customers' needs  for spatial viewing, outage visualization, field inspections, mobile work orders, automated vehicle location, dispatch and call-before-you-dig. 

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