"Our mission is to provide utility operations personnel with an intuitive map-based collaborative decision support platform that distributes critical business information anywhere and whenever it is needed."

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City of Los Angeles

The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting new application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data and deploying that data to the field.

Georgia Power

When engineers and operators at Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) need maps or reports about their electrical distribution network, they turn to the Distribution Viewer

First Energy

As is the case with most energy companies today, FirstEnergy Corp of Akron, Ohio, looks at operational efficiency as the key to financial performance improvements and shareholder profit.

Our Customers

Gatekeeper Systems has built numerous Intranet and Internet GIS applications using our NaviGate applications framework. Typical customers include utilities state and local governments. Our systems see heavy production use by hundreds of users, and we are now in the process of releasing the third generation of some of these systems.

Gatekeeper Systems is knowledgeable and experienced in the design of enterprise mapping for utilities. We are familiar with the issues and special needs of utilities, and are familiar in working with Customer Information Systems, SCADA systems, County Assessor's parcel data, distribution and transmission network facilities, and other topics of special interest to utilities.

The following table provides a sample of our customers and their associated projects. To see more detail about a project, just click on the green links shown below. These systems are also available as full-function demonstrations on Gatekeeper Systems' web server.

If you are interested in visiting these demonstration sites, please contact Gatekeeper Systems.

Customer Project
City of Los Angeles


The FAST System (Field Automation for Sanitation Trucks) is an exciting application for managing sewer maintenance work orders and the associated facilities data, and deploying that data to the field. FAST replaces cumbersome and time-consuming manual processes with a modern wireless computer application, dramatically improving sewer maintenance productivity. The system eliminates paperwork and provides a graphical map-based interface that helps maintenance supervisors keep their crews operating at peak efficiency.


Operations Visualization System

The Operations Visualization System (OVS) was first deployed in 1999 for PacifiCorp, a seven-state electric utility with more than 1.5 million customers and more than 2.5 million service connections. It is used primarily to view the status and causes of power outages within the company's service area. Using interactive maps and reports, operations staff can quickly determine where response teams are needed most critically.

Georgia Power

Distribution Viewer

Georgia Power Company (a Southern Company subsidiary) uses NaviGate to display maps about facilities, customers, outages, and network status. Data from the GIS is automatically loaded into a high-performance Oracle database for data management and display. The system also links to data about customers directly from the corporate Customer Information System and the two Outage Management Systems from Oracle Corporation. In addition to distribution facilities data, data about transmission facilities (from the GPC Transmission Department) is displayed, together with substation one-line diagrams and aerial photos of every transmission structure in the GPC system. Users can search for objects using dozens of different search criteria, including facility numbers (e.g., switch number or transformer number), customer name or address, substation names, districts, intersections, and many more.

Clark Public Utilities

Operations Visualization System

Like many fast-growing public utilities, ClarkPUD needs to provide operational efficiencies to match larger investor-owned utilities, yet does not have a large IT department for building and maintaining critical business systems such as Outage Management. ClarkPUD uses the NaviGate Outage Management System Module (OMS) to visualize and manage electrical outages. Located in the Pacific Northwest, where severe storms can arise rapidly, the utility has used NaviGate OMS with great success to reduce outage restoration time.


GIS View

The NaviGate system is called GISView but offers features far beyond simple GIS viewing. Users can obtain self-service hardcopy maps from the system via the NaviGate Printing Module. Hundreds of printed maps are produced each week. Engineers use the system to do electric traces to the tune of nearly one thousand trace operations each day. And the NaviGate Advanced Viewing Module provides a way for engineers to customize their map view based on the attributes of features on the map, such as electric circuit and phase, transformer capacity, or number of customers affected by an outage. This feature is used hundreds of times per week to generate special-purpose maps for all kinds of analysis and presentation purposes.

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The NaviGate Application Framework is a suite of web-based products designed to promote information integration, increase self service, eliminate paper work, and improve field service for utilities. NaviGate is an off-the-shelf product that can be configured to meet our customers' needs  for spatial viewing, outage visualization, field inspections, mobile work orders, automated vehicle location, dispatch and call-before-you-dig. 

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ButtonOur Customers

Have a look at the success of our leading customers, from large publicly-traded electric utilities to municipal water authorities.